Starlight Essences Chakra Training

The Starlight Essences system was developed in 2002 and is connected with the Starlight portal at Stonehenge. It is now a worldwide essences system. There are three levels of essences and they involve the energies of many different star and planetary systems.

This training will start with an introduction to the Starlight Essences, how you can apply them and how they work on your energy bodies and the Chakras, followed by a meditation connecting Heaven and Earth.

After that you you’ll choose the Chakra Starlight Essence you resonate most with, so that I can give you a short consultation and a chakra treatment with your chosen Essence.

We’ll end the workshop with a final Essences treatemtent from one of the foundation essences so that you have a complete ecperience regarding Starlight Essences, Chakras, how you can treat youself and others and how you can include them in your own methods.

All work will be done in a sitting or standing position and no physical pressure is applied to the body at any point.

Workshop leader & Starlight Essences practitioner:
Nirr Hochadel

Date: Saturday 4th March 2017
Time: 3.00pm-5.30pm
Price: £27

To participate in the workshop no previous knowledge is required – so the workshop is suitable for beginners and also therapists who might then want to learn more about including the Starlight Essences in their current methods. Feel free to contact me for more information about the workshop and to book in.

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Further dates are planned. I’ll keep you updated on

I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

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