Nirr Journeying is offering a wide range of methods including Treatments, Soul Readings, Seminars and Workshops to enhance Life Quality, Prosperous Consciousness, Mental Health and Wellbeing. The philosophy is, that every person is unique, an Individual, and therefore are all treatments and readings tailored to Your personal needs.

Slide with your cursor over the Services button to open up the scroll down menu and then slide with your cursor down to the different services I provide.

Be also aware of the sub menus opening up on the right hand side, which also contain information about the different subjects. Please click on the field with the service named on to open the information about, for example:

Alpha Chi Consulting / Spiriutell consultasjon

Feng Shui – Body Feng Shui

Atlantis Crystal Healing – Metoder / Methods – OSS / FAQ
Star Stone Crystals

Meridian Balance Massage

Starlight Essences Therapy

Fire Shamanism / Ildsjamanisme – The Shamanic Fire Path

Soul Readings – Akashic Reading about your Soul

Nirr’s Monthly Energy Update

Nirr – Natural Intuitiv Remedy Readings

Have you thought about starting meditation ?


Phyllis Krystal method



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