Nirr – Natural Intuitive Remedy Readings

NIRR – Natural Intuitive Remedy Readings support cleansing of your system attuned with the vibations of the Golden Age, so that light/life/chi can more easily flow throughout your whole being finding inbalances and helping release them. Thus allowing more of your true self to manifest here on Earth.

The NIRR Card Reading system came through as response to the needs of humankind, earth and animals in this transitional period of time. They help letting go the old, finding your place and being an active part of creating and manifesting the Golden Age in association with your life purpose – your incarnated goal.

A Nirr, Natural Intuitiv Remedy Reading, can have a strong detoxifying effect and before and after a reading/treatment a lot of fluid should be taken.

I especially like to read throughout a whole year. This is a good support to align your path and keep things in flow or as to initiate a flow and keep it going throughout the months.

Feel free to to book a reading or if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask for more information.

See also here the new NIRR foundation training ‘grounding & healing’ where you can experience the foundation for the NIRR card reading system and also receive an energetic hands on and crystal healing method for clients to ground them and give healing in acute situations like strong emotional upset (e.g. heartbreak, stressful situations, overthinking and being overwhelmed).

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