How meditation can help us

How meditation can help us ?


The benefit of meditation is different for every person. As each person is individual they naturally tend to react ‘individually’ to the same stimulus. What works for me in one way may work for you in another way. However, there are certain benefits which were discovered, in common, on people doing regular meditation practises.

LOVE : Meditation enhances self-love. This is often misinterpreted in our society as being selfish. But there is a huge difference between being selfish and loving yourself and meditation enables us to love ourselves better. When we love who we are then love permeates every aspect of our life. It shows up in how we treat ourselves and when we treat ourselves with love, we feel well. When we feel well we are in a good mood, we are happy and this vibration will be transmitted to other people. The environment around us and the people we are together with will benefit from that loving vibration. Let’s go further and say this more highly vibrating energy you are sending out, even if it’s subconsciously, has healing potential. People might say: when I am together with you I feel different, so safe, visible (or noticed) and loved. Treat yourself well first and you will be able to treat others well too and attract those people who are able to make your life better.

CLARITY OF THOUGHT: Another benefit of meditation is clarity of thought. Meditation helps to quiet our mind, and when we have a quiet mind we are better able to focus on things again. Often meditation makes it possible to find the guide line, the guiding structure or thought in all of the confusing overwhelming information we might collect in the course of a day. In India we often hear the term ‘monkey mind’. In certain areas in India the trees are full with monkeys swinging from one branch to the other making lots of noise. The monkeys represent our thoughts and the tree with it’s branches our mind and therefore the term monkey mind. Meditation practice helps to calm our monkey mind. When we get rid of the noise in our head, we find silence inside us this relaxes us and when our muscles find relaxation, body pain can ease – we balance ourselves. When we are serene we can notice even a little ripple. This state of mind brings time for creativity – creative impulses and ideas. It helps in seeing things in the right perspective. Our reactions are more attuned to the situation.

FORGIVENESS : Meditation helps us in cultivating forgiveness. It makes us realize how spiritual and loving we are, how big our loving and forgiving potential is and that we are infinite souls making human experiences. We recognize that we are allowed to make mistakes and that we are here to learn and grow. Forgiveness is very important especially in the context of Self. Sometimes it is more difficult to forgive ourselves than others. When we carry a grudge in our hearts, we carry dead weight. This dead weight is filling up space – a space then not available for the immense potential, waiting to be lived and expressed in our life/incarnation. When we are able to forgive, that weight lightens. Light hearts are able to soar and have space to be filled with our true potential and love.

These inspirational thoughts are just a few of the endless benefits meditation has. For more information about meditation see also my articles “Have you thought about starting meditation” and ‘HEART CHAKRA Meditation & HEALING‘.

Start meditating and enjoy a more balanced and happier life.

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