Full day training ‘GROUNDING & HEALING’


GROUNDING & HEALING‘ – full day training which can be continued

This training is for all those who want to become more grounded and also to receive an energetic hands on healing method for clients to ground them and give healing in acute situations like strong emotional upset (e.g. heartbreak, stressful situations, overthinking and being overwhelmed). This healing method involves also the use of fire crystals (included in the price). More grounded also means to be more balanced and stable in daily life and to handle life in a more harmonious way.

This training is also the foundation training of the NIRR card reading system but can be attended separately for the ‘hands on’ and fire crystal techniques which can be used on their own or as the basis for the second and third parts.

If the interest is then there to learn the full NIRR card reading system, the training can be continued with part 2 – to learn how to read the basic cards and then also part 3 – to learn how to read the higher level cards with their specifications.

Training content:
– Introduction with a guided heart meditation
– Cleansing fire ritual with sage
– Mantra and healing treatment connecting with the Earth
– How to use the mantra to bring clarity in daily life
– Break for drinks and snacks (included)
– Shamanic fire journeying
– Teaching of the healing method and group work
– Demonstration of a basic NIRR card reading (3 cards)
– Explanation how the full card reading works (5 cards)

NIRR (Natural Intuitive Remedy Reading) card system was developed as a response to the needs of humankind in this transitional period of time. NIRR cards give guidance and support and clarify the next steps on your path.

The readings resonate with you on an energetic level and therefore actively encourage you to be the creator of your life and hence help to manifest the Golden Age in association with your life purpose – your incarnated goal.

All treatments during the training will be done in a sitting, standing or laying position and no physical pressure is applied to the body at any point.
Snacks and Drinks will be available.

To participate in this training no previous knowledge is required – so the workshop is suitable for beginners and also therapists.

For more information and to book please reply to the event or send me a private message.

Nirr Michael Hochadel
Time: 11.00am – 6.00pm

Please check for specific dates on Facebook at Nirr Journeying or contact me directly here.

Feedback of a participant:
What I appreciate about Nirr’s Remedy Card Reading is its power and clarity. The cards represent positive essential energies. Thus you might expect that the resulting readings are rather general in nature but on the contrary Nirr has a talent for relating these essential qualities in a very specific way to the topic you ask about. Love that Nirr is also offering the card set and his reading technique.