First Consultation (30 min) : £ 10
With no obligation to book a further treatment. The consultation may include a taster treatment of the chosen method if you wish. If you choose to book a further treatment the cost will be reduced by £10.

What kind of treatment methods would suit you ?
(Starlight Essenseces therapi, Atlantis Crystal Healing, Consultation/Reading, Massage, Phyllis Krystal method/Cutting the ties that bind, Shamanistic healing/ritual/journey, Meditation etc.)

Hva slags behandlingsmetode passer for Deg ?
(Starlight Essenser terapi, Atlantis Crystal Healing, Kosultasjon/Reading, Massasje, Phyllis Krystal metode/Cutting the ties that bind, Sjamanistisk healing/ritual, Meditasjon etc.)

How many hours would we need to work on this theme ?
Hvor mange timer skal vi bruke i begynnelsen/for en behandlinssyklus ?

How long would a treatment/treatment cycle be ?
Hvor lenge varer en behandling/behandlingssyklus ?

How much is a treatment/treatment cycle ?
Hvor mye koster en behandling/behandlingssyklus ?


Consultation via SKYPE
50 min – £50 / 500 Kroner / 70 Euro
Booking via Mobile, SMS, Fb or Email



Starlight Essences Chakra treatment with a short consultation : £25

Starlight Essences Reading : £45

Starlight Essences Complete Treatment (Reading + treatment + Essence) : £67

Pre – Ordering of three Starlight Essences Complete Treatments : £57 each (save £30) Including one essence with the initial treatment. Any further essences have to be bought separately.

Starlight Essences Chakra Training/Basic Course : £27

Starlight Essences Connection Workshop : £35



Atlantis Crystal Healing ‘Spine’ : £25
Atlantis Crystal Healing ‘Ryggen’ : 250 Kroner

Atlantis Crystal Healing Complete Treatment : £65
Atlantis Crystal Healing komplett behandling : 650 Kroner

Pre – Ordering of three Atlantis Crystal Healing Complete Treatments : £55 each (save £30)
Bestilling av tre Atlantis Crystal Healing Komplett Behandlinger : 550 Kroner hver


Ildsjamanistiske Behandlinger/Ritualer:

Fireshamanic Ritual (to cleanse the energy body) : Donation
(Booking also via SMS or mail)

Ildsjamanistisk Ritual (for å rense energi kroppene) : Donasjon
(Påmelding kan også skjer via SMS eller mail)

Meditation/Healing with your Inner-Fire : £25
Meditasjon/Healing med indre-Ilden din : 250 Kroner

Shamanic Fire Detox Ritual (45 min) : £45

Shamanic Soul Retrieval (may involve drumming) : £65
Sjelfragmenter tilbakehenting : 650 Kroner
Pre-Ordering of three Shamanic Soul Retrieval sessions : £55 each

Drum journey : £65
Trommelreiser : 650 Kroner
Pre-Ordering of three Drum Journeys : £55 each (you save £30)


Massasje :

Meridian Balance Massasje : £30

Pre – Ordering of three massages : £25 each
Bestilling av tre massasjer : 250 Kroner hver



Body Feng Shui (30 min) : £25
For more info about Body Feng Shui and Body Feng Shui techniques see here.

Feng Shui Consultation for a home or business premises (30min) : £20
With no obligation to book a further Feng Shui. If you choose to book a Feng Shui the cost will be reduced by £20.

Feng Shui konsultasjon (30min) : 200 Kroner

Feng Shui for a house, a flat or a garden depends on the size and the location and price will be discussed during consultation.


Soul Reading :

For your Soulreading, where I access your Akashic record, I need the following:
– Your full name at birth
– Your current name
– Date of birth
– Place of birth

When the reading is finished (this could take around 4 weeks, depending on the waiting list) it’ll be presented to you in a 1 hour Skype session and you’ll also get a written summary sent by email. Every reading comes together with a 21 days transmutation of energy homework. Homework duration time: 10 min/day. The reading can be done in English or German.
Cost: £120


Obviously we understand that everyone has different circumstances, if you feel drawn to anything on here but genuinely cannot afford it, then we are open to discussion. There is always the possibility of payment in installments or some kind of barter-style exchange. Don’t hesitate to contact and ask.


For inquiries and to book feel also free to use this contact form:

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