Chakras and their functions were first mentioned in the Vedas, ancient Hindu texts of knowledge. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel and it refers to the energy centres in our body.

These energy wheels regulate the flow of energy through our energy system. These centres open and close depending on what we think and what we feel and in what kind of environment we are.

Chakras are associated to the physical body through the endocrine and the nervous system. Each sense, feeling and experience is connected to our chakras.

When a person’s chakras aren’t spinning properly the physical body and the subtle energy bodies around the physical body are affected. A chakra that isn’t spinning properly is visible for people who can see the aura.

Muladhara, root chakra
Muladhara, root chakra

ROOT CHAKRA / Muladhara
Stability, Grounding. The willingness to take responsibility for your life.
For women : Female creative power, Fertility on all levels.
For men : Male creative power and the ability to provide protection.

When we are about to incarnate we see our parents and the environment we want to grow up from a heavenly perspective. During birth, when we then finally arrive here on earth, the reality in the physical body and in the materialistic vibrating space sometimes looks different and we send parts of our light back into heaven. Due to this birth related traumas we then don’t bring our complete potential here on earth and that often is associated with base chakra issues.

But the time is now to heal our birth traumas and to invite missing soul fragments, our potentials and qualities.

Affirmation : I invite my complete being and enjoy my wholeness.

Swadhisthana, sacral plexus chakra
Swadhisthana, sacral plexus chakra

THE NAVEL CHAKRA / Swadhisthana
Ability to come into action and to manifest inner visions into outer reality – Creativity.
Courage and confidence in ourself – in our own powers.
Topics: Power – powerlessness.
Our knowledge, our wisdom which was often hidden, forgotten and sometimes consciously put away in Lemurian times is now allowed to come back to us. It wants to be lived again and needs to be invited for healing.

Affirmation : I wrap myself in orange light and soften all areas of hardened structures.

Manipura, solar plexus chakra
Manipura, solar plexus chakra

Peace chakra. In this chakra lies the key to feel happy and joyous in our lifes.
The ability to accept the challenges of our everyday life. Self acceptance. Self forgiveness.
We need to restore the peace in this chakra so that the heart can open more and more and allow the love to flow in. We need to heal the karma of Atlantis in this chakra. Healing of gastrointestinal problems, skin problem and breathing.

Affirmation : I open myself to the flow of golden light. I am peace.

Anahata, heart chakra
Anahata, heart chakra

The age of Aquarius(golden age) is the beginning of the reign of the heart chakra on earth, and living from a place of unconditional love should be both now, our aim and our guide. The heart chakra is the place from where unconditional love, as well as healing, comes. It is the place where truth is found. In this chakra we can find love within ourselves, so that we can stop seeking it in the outer world. In the heart chakra we can find unity, a place without time and space. The place where shiva (male energies) and shakti(female energies) unites.

Affirmation : I am love. All is one.

Vishuddha, throat chakra
Vishuddha, throat chakra

The throat chakra manifests our ideas, expands them and allows us to share them. It’s responsible for clear expression and communication. The throat chakra is connected to the cervical spine and to our will power.

Topics: I can’t expand myself. I pull myself in or take myself back. I give others my space (my partner, my parents, my boss etc.). The question to ask is: What gift am I not willing to share with the world?

Affirmation : I expand myself and share my gift with the world.

Ajna, third eye chakra
Ajna, third eye chakra

Perception. To receive clear pictures with our inner 3rd eye. Ability of complex thinking.

Thinking is a stream of energy connected to different manifestation levels. We should use our thinking to serve and not just to express our willpower. The traditional Chinese medicine says: ‘The head is a part of the heart’.

Affirmation : I think with my heart.

Sahasrara, crown chakra
Sahasrara, crown chakra

It has a bit of a different shape(coned shaped) than the other chakras. It is open to the top so that the divine light and guidance can flow in from above. It finishes the rainbow cycle and connects us to heaven. A open lotus chakra, where the divine light can flow in overcomes the feelings of separation and isolation.
The lotus chakra is a very active chakra in times of changes. Especially now when a lot of light is streaming onto earth this chakra opens up to receive and connect with heaven. Resistance in this area might take place with feeling dizzy.

Affirmation : Heaven comes on earth.

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