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Nirr Journeying offers a wide range of methods including Treatments, Readings, Seminars and Workshops to enhance Life Quality, Awareness, Mental Health and Wellbeing. The philosophy is, that every person is unique, an Individual, and therefore are all treatments and readings tailored to Your personal needs.

Nirr Journeying is a spiritual non religious local business and welcomes all people, of any nationality, age, social status and gender.

Nirr often uses his own personal energetic card system and works closely together with his spiritual helpers to see how and with what he can help. Sometimes he receives the information intuitively right away and can start immediately with one of the treatment methods listed below.

Nirr has recently started to do online readings (f. e. Skype) as well. That’s sometimes much more practical, because as having grown up in Germany, living in Norway for about 4 years and now being in England, Nirr has built up an international clientel.

Be also aware that this blog is under constant development, posting articles and news related to Self-Development, Self-Help exercises, Courses, Workshops and Alternative Therapy. When you press the ‘follow’ function of wordpress and insert your e-mail address, you’ll get all new Posts right away into your e-mail account (works like a newsletter function).

We already would like to give you here an insight into Frequently Asked Questions in relation to Atlantis Crystal Healing (the FAQ can mainly transferred to all the other healing modalities too), a very popular healing method, very effective and easy to apply:

Which symptoms can be treated?
Atlantis Crystal Healing works from a holistic point of view and therefore not only looks at the symptom but also at the cause of the issue. Therefore, any symptom can be treated in order to achieve holistic healing. Atlantis Crystal Healing is not always as instant as a surgery in a hospital or taking strong medication, but it shows a clear healing path which includes all aspects of yourself.
We can never give you a promise for complete healing success, but anything is possible with Atlantis Crystal Healing. It is important to speak to Nirr to discuss what is needed and to receive treatments according to your individual needs.

Do I have to believe that it works?
No. It is only necessary to be open for positive change. If you are very resistant to let change happen, it is harder for the Atlantis Crystal Healer to work through your energetic shield. The crystals have such a strong, positive vibration which should encourage you to be open for their healing frequencies.

How long is a crystal healing session?
It depends on the treatment method. A proper session can be anything between 30 minutes and one and a half hours. The initial session may be longer; follow-ups can be shorter. Ask Nirr when you make an appointment.

How long does it take till I feel better?
It depends on how well your body integrates the light and how severe the issue is. The experience has shown that the first treatment already brings a lot of positive change, but follow-ups might be necessary. Just ask Nirr for advice.

Which crystals are used for Atlantis Crystal Healing?
The crystals and gemstones are carefully selected and charged. They are cleansed after each treatment and stored accordingly. They are very powerful carriers of light.

Can animals receive Atlantis Crystal Healing?
Yes. Some Atlantis Crystal Healers have specialised in animal treatments and have had great success. Animals are very sensitive and non-invasive, natural treatment methods like Atlantis Crystal Healing are very suitable for them.

Can children be treated?
Yes. Atlantis Crystal Healing is great for children of all age groups. Apart from treating physical problems, children can also receive support in the different stages of their development. It furthers their inner balance, clarity and self-confidence. Our experience has shown that children respond well to Atlantis Crystal Healing.

Can I receive a treatment when I’m pregnant?
Yes. All methods of Atlantis Crystal Healing can be done during pregnancy. Treatments for the spine (in lateral position) in particular are extremely relaxing. Crystal surgery helps to ease discomforts by stimulating the body’s own energy flow. Ask your Atlantis Crystal Healer about the possibilities.

Be aware that Nirr is using not just Atlantis Crystal Healing, but checking the circumstances and situation of the clients needs and therefore might use a combination of treatment methods like

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