FAQ – ALPHA CHI Consulting

What is the 8th chakra?
The 8th chakra is the seat of your soul, the source of infinite knowledge, and the root of all
divine energy, love and compassion. While chakras 1 to 7 are bound to the human body,
the 8th chakra transcends the physical.

Opening the 8th chakra can lead to a powerful spiritual shift, heightened awareness
and a deeper understanding of how we’re interconnected with all living things.
It’s the portal through which you’ll receive solutions and insights from the spiritual world as an ACC — detached from their subjective experiences, opinions or imagination.

What is Natural Law?
Natural Law is the universal order of things and the ubiquitous rhythm of life that balances everything. Living in alignment with Natural Law will help you to reach your divine potential here on Earth.

What is the Tradition of Fire?
By definition, the word tradition indicates convictions and beliefs that have been passed on through time to the present moment — and it’s this same wisdom that we’re able to pass on to future generations.
Such traditions are usually perpetuated by groups of people that come together with the same vision and the same sense of purpose. The Tradition of Fire goes back to the beginning of Creation, and it’s really about becoming one with God through that inner fire that insists on bringing us back to love.

What does inner guidance mean?
It’s about being connected to your true self, listening to the divine voice within,
and trusting yourself to do the right thing. Inner guidance is about being guided
by your heart and a sense of radical self-love.

What does divine guidance mean?
Divine guidance means connecting to God through your 8th chakra
and being in complete alignment with his will for your life. Om namah Shivaya.

How do avatars support us?
We can connect with avatars through meditation and prayer, and ask for their profound guidance and advice. They help us connect with our divine qualities and unify our vision with God’s. Avatars can also incarnate among us to give us direct guidance.

How an ACC can help in everyday life?
As an ACC, you’ll find that you’re more deeply connected to your higher consciousness, your inner guidance, your soul’s voice – to God and more easily able to access this divine guidance, love and light. ACC allows you to grow in understanding and gratitude. You are able to extend advice, assistance and friendship to anyone who needs it.

What does it mean to be able to see into two realms?
As an ACC, being able to see into two realms means understanding that the physical realm exists alongside the spiritual. They are not separate from one another, which is why death should no longer hold any fear. It means that an ACC Consultant is able to offer his clients a deeper level of understanding and insight to help guide them during this lifetime.

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