Have you thought about starting meditation ?



There are many ways to meditate and it can seem a bit daunting when you first start out. It’s usually best to pick a simple technique to begin with, for example, I began meditating many years ago using a candle, visualizing the light from it flowing through me. Another very simple method is just sitting quietly, putting your hands on your chakras and sending healing thoughts to them.


Mantras (or words and word phrases) are very good, they focus the mind very well. You can also meditate on a soothing word such as love or peace. Or you may use a phrase such as God is Love, like I do now as I was taught by my Spiritual teacher.

A common simple meditation practice is also focusing on your breath, watching and guiding the breath flowing in and out and through your body.

When I first started I was incredibly tense in my body and my mind was very active, every time I meditated I could already feel the benefit even after a short period of time. As my body and mind began to relax more and more, the tension and the strong recurring headaches I suffered from began to ease.

I have been meditating ever since!

Don’t let the many different methods of meditation put you off, all methods have benefits, however some methods may not be right for you and it may take a little effort to find the one that is best for you.

Finding the right time for meditation is also important. For myself I see a morning meditation as one of the most important ones to prepare me for the day. Closing the working part of the day with a meditation in the afternoon or evening might also help to structure the day and give your consciousness the chance to slow down and prepare for the quiet period of time before going to bed.

Remember, meditation is a way of you getting in touch with your own inner guidance. Your connection to source. Whilst we are always connected with this guidance as we go about our day, it is easier for us to consciously connect when we sit quietly and listen.

Enjoy meditating, it’s not and shouldn’t be, a chore and has the added bonus outcome of bringing more quality time into your life.


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