Each healing increases the Joy of Life

If we aren’t enjoying our life each day, then it is a big effort. If we are miserable, why live longer? My experience is that enjoying Life comes from connection to Source – and ultimately, this is automatic, we don’t have to do anything to be connected. But as Babaji says, “the wise do spiritual practices.” We seem to have to do the practices, to enjoy our connection to Source fully, and this involves dissolving our karma, as well as present Emotional Energy Pollution inputs.

Practical eternal life is not about living longer, but our present quality of life. Each little healing increases the joy of life. Spiritual purification with the elements accelerates our healing faster than the mind can measure or even notice. And it erases the EEP (Emotional Energy Pollution) or OPE (Other People’s Energy), that we are exposed to everyday.

~ Leonard D. Orr

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