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Starlight CONNECTION Workshop ORION
Working with the ORION Starlight Essences enhances the communication
with nature beings, like fairies, elves and devas and brings back the wisdom
of the Earth’s nature to you.

They have positive influence on your clairaudient sense of hearing messages
and frequencies from the spiritual world and also on your ability to see
clairvoyantly. They support higher levels of the throat chakra and connect
you with your individual sound healing abilities.

There is also a sacred place on Orion which contains the Oracle of Mystery.
Through the Essences we can contact this Oracle and it is possible to get
insights into star constellations, extra-planetary interactions and information
on development cycles of (our) the human soul.

With the Orion Essences and in this workshop, we also have the opportunity
to access the angelic realms surrounding Orion. These angels will come instantly
if you call them and they will help you to align with your divine plan and give
you guidance on your path.

ORION energies bring everything back in order, align you to your inner soul plan
and give you guidance on your life’s path.

Worshop details:
The workshop will start with a short introduction to the Starlight Essences and
will then continue with a meditation diving into the Starlight realms. After that
I will treat your with Starlight Essences to prepare your subtle energy bodies
for the light of ORION. At the end of the workshop and after the preparation
work is done – the light fragments, which want to come back to you to live
your potential more and more, can stream in.

When applying Starlight Essences in my workshops no pressure will be used
on the body at any time. Starlight Essences treatments are energetic treatments
which will be applied in a very gentle way (drop on a chakra which can often
be done by yourself or spraying the Essence in the Aura). They can be applied
on clothes and it’s very unlikely that they cause an issue on the fabrics,
however please be aware that with certain fabrics any liquid can be an issue.

There’s no obligation to buy one of the essences from this workshop,
however if you should feel drawn to do so, they can be ordered for you.

Workshop leader & Starlight Essences practitioner:
Nirr Hochadel

Date: Please see Nirr Journeying on Facebook
Duration: The length of the workshop depends on the amount of participants.
Usually between 2 and 3 hours.
Price: £27

To participate in the workshop no previous knowledge is required –
so the workshop is suitable for beginners and also therapists who might
then want to learn more about including the Starlight Essences in their
current methods. Feel free to contact me for more information about
the workshop and to book in.

For further workshop dates and details I’ll keep you updated on

Take care and see you soon.