Hands on Healing

Healing by laying your hands on…

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Hands on healing has been used since ancient times and the healing power flowing through your hands could always be used for yourself and for others. In this article I would like to focus more about using your healing powers by laying your hands on parts of your own body and your chakras.

If you experience disturbances in your body lay your hands on the relevant part of the body and when you let the energy flow you immediately feel the effect your healing energy has on your wellbeing, flowing into the affected area and leaving a positive sensation.
Loving yourself plays a big part in this exercise and therefore you might start the hands on healing with the words ‘I love myself’ to create a good feeling atmosphere and to activate the greatest healing power in the universe, Love.


You might also want to use the healing forces of your hands on your chakras. There are many body related chakras but the seven main chakras are from bottom to top: the root chakra, the navel chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the brow chakra and the lotus chakra.

Every day you could choose to work with a different chakra to lay your hands on: Seven days a week – Seven chakras. With, the lotus chakra which is opening up to heaven just above your head it works slightly differently.

Here you don’t put your hands on your head, you place your hands either side on top of your head around the opening which is like a fountain just above your head and here you support the connection between the heavenly energies and yourself.

To enhance this hands on healing on your chakras you could drop some of Deborah’s Chakra Starlight Essences on your hands and do the exercise again to let the Starlight enhance the effect of the benefit for your chakras. It is not recommended to work without supervision on more than one Chakra a day. For more information about Deborah’s Starlight Essences check out www.starlight-essences.com.

This exercise can also be supported perfectly with a heart chakra meditation. You sit quietly in a preferred space of your choice and focus on your breath first and then start using a Mantra of your choice and focus on the heart chakra area just above your breastbone. You could for example use ‘I am Love’. Breathing in with ‘I am’ and breathing out on ‘Love’ and in the same time focusing on your heart chakra area. This makes you familiar with your own love and connects the remaining six main chakras with each other to create a positive flow of life energy.

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