Atlantis Crystal Healer Updates 2016 – 2019

Update 2019
From the stream of infinity in the blossoming time of Atlantis in unity with the new creation flow – shaping new light-full structure according the one’s creation levels.

With energised crystals (citrines, red garnets, purple fluorites and clear crystals) we access the light seeds in the earth and in heaven. Two treatment methods, one for the earth and for heaven. Please contact to book a treatment or to ask for more information.


Update 2018
With the approach of the Golden Age more new energies from creation are pouring down from heaven and want to stimulate new streams of energy in people and the earth. This requires a stronger, more natural connection and alignment with one’s own divine levels of light, your Higher Self, in order to engage more easily with this new flow of light-information.

In addition, the energy body wants to increase in receptiveness, so that the whole incarnated being can settle in more easily and become more permeable to the leadership impulses streaming to earth much more strongly than before. These impulses want to be manifested and brought into action in a balanced and natural flow.

Leadership impulses:
For example to be more confident in giving guidance form the Heart – with Love, or to be confident and able to hear your inner voice more easily, more clearly and to bring theses impulses, to bring your greater Self into action in daily life, no matter how noisy the outer world might be.

When using these Atlantis Crystal Healing methods, stimulating the energy bodies, making them more receptive – new light information can flow down from the heaven more easily to meet and manifest in the Earth and to awaken corresponding supporting light levels in the Earth. They can then flow up to the Earth’s surface to create a common stream of energy and to make the new accessible. For each person the ‘new’ will be different, it may include clarity for the next step, creative impulses for businesses, deeper understanding of situations and so on. There’s either a treatment method (working with 2 different crystal quartz points and a crystal pyramid )to use in one to one session or also a power place and Feng Shui method (see the picture below) for houses or for gardens to connect and to manifest these energies.

Benefits could include, less tension in your body, fewer headaches, more balanced energy in your daily tasks, fewer emotional ups and downs, spiritual centring, more harmony in work and private life, clarity in giving and receiving guidance and much more.

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Update 2017
The Atlantis Crystal Healing Update 2017 brings new creational levels which had their beginnings in Atlantean Times and which are now accessible through the grace of the Golden Age. The techniques, power places, treatment methods and rituals are full of healing and transformational power.
The amazing crystal mandala technique in the pic below brings support from the starlight heavens into rooms and places and therefore also for participants taking part in celebrating this ritual. It initiates a new creational energy flow and gives you clear impulses which projects want to come to one end and which new ones want to be started. It aligns you to a clear stream of joyful and creational energy.

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Update 2016
The New Atlantis Crystal Healer method 2016 enhances the flow from Heaven to Earth and strenghtens your inner guidance. It supports you in hearing your inner voice more clearly and enables you to follow this guidance more easily. A great support on your path.


Nirr is working with his Dorje (a carved quartz crystal) on the seven front chakras, the knees and the client’s spine. The treatment can be done in a sitting or a standing position and the Dorje is held in each chakra, the knees and the spine 3 to 6 centimeters away.

Atlantis Crystal Healing Update May 2016_2 copy

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