Nirr’s message January 2017:

Monthly shamanic fire message:
Once again it is time. A new year begins and we set ourselves goals, or not…. regardless, this year is shaped by finding your divine gifts.

And therefore please start to take time everyday to get quiet, at least 15 minutes, to listen to yourself. Listen inside of you, listen to yourself and start living again. For with hearing yourself you will start hearing Mother Earth again. You hear yourself – you understand who you are – you feel yourself again – and you begin to live yourself.

With every breath you take in living yourself, the earth starts to breath more freely again – and rejoices – and sighs with relief – and gives good things back to you.

The more we humans take time for ourselves and do what makes us happy and share our divine gifts with our fellow human beings and the earth, the more Mother Earth gifts us with nutritious food, with clean air and with fresh water.

So do good for yourself and do good for Mother Earth and let the year 2017 be characterised by love – love for yourself and the gift of your divinity.

If you should have trouble getting quiet, or listening to yourself or living your divine gifts, then get yourself help to do this. Then this is joy: Finding your divine gifts and sharing them and taking part deliberately when others share their divine gifts with you.

Also begin to see the larger picture, start to look from a higher perspective and see the clockwork, the gears that interlock and drive the great play of the earth with its people. Every gear is important, so love yourself and feel good, so that you are best prepared for the challenges of the upcoming year.

There will be ups and downs again, but if you are strengthened from your heart and learn to be guided by your heart then you can best meet these challenges.

Do your fellow men and the earth a favour and begin to love yourself and live. I wish you every success and should you feel drawn to need my support feel free to contact me.

Om namah Shivaya

~ The Shamanic Fire Path ~

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Monatliche schamanische Feuerbotschaft:
Wieder einmal ist es soweit. Ein neues Jahr beginnt und wir setzen uns Ziele, oder auch nicht…. Wie auch immer, diese Jahr ist geprägt vom Finden deiner göttlichen Geschenke.

Und deshalb werde still und nimm dir jeden Tag Zeit, zumindest 15 Minuten, um in dich hinein zuhören. Hör in dich hinein, hör auf dich und fange wieder an dich zu leben. Denn mit dem hören von dir selber beginnst du auch wieder die Mutter Erde zu hören. Du hörst dich selber – du verstehst wer du bist – du spürst dich wieder – und fängst and dich zu leben. Mit jedem Atemzug mit dem du dich wieder selber lebst kann auch die Erde wieder freier atmen – und freut sich – und atmet auf – und beschenkt dich.

Je mehr wir Menschen uns wieder Zeit für uns selber nehmen und das machen was uns Freude bereitet und unsere göttlichen Geschenk mit unseren Mitmenschen und der Erde teilen, desto mehr beschenkt uns Mutter Erde wieder mit nährstoffreichen Essen, mit sauberer Luft und mit frischem Wasser.

Deshalb tu gutes für dich selber und tu dadurch gutes für Mutter Erde und somit lass das Jahr 2017 geprägt sein von Liebe – Liebe zu dir selber und das verschenken deiner Göttlichkeit.

Wenn du Schwierigkeiten haben solltest, still zu werden – in dich hinein zuhören – deine göttlichen Geschenke zu leben – dann lass dir helfen. Lass dir helfen beim Finden deiner Geschenke, beim Finden deiner Göttlichkeit.

Denn das bereitet Freude: Das Finden deiner göttlichen Geschenke und das Teilen dieser! Nimm auch ganz bewußt teil wenn andere ihre göttlichen Geschenke mit dir teilen – wichtig 🙂

Mach dir auch das größere Bild bewußt, beginne aus einer höheren Perspektive zu schauen und sehe das Uhrwerk, die Zahnräder die ineinander greifen und das große Schauspiel der Erde mit ihren Menschen antreibt.

Jedes Zahnrad ist wichtig! Und deshalb liebe dich selber und fühl dich wohl dabei – denn so bist du am besten den Herausforderungen des neuen Jahres gewappnet. Es wird wieder Höhen und Tiefen geben doch wenn du gestärkt von deinem Herzen aus handelst und lernst dich von deinem Herzen aus führen zu lassen dann kannst du am besten diesen Herausforderungen gerecht werden.

Mache dir, deinen Mitmenschen und der Erde einen Gefallen und beginne dich zu lieben und zu leben. Ich wünsche Dir viel Erfolg und unterstütze dich gerne dabei.

Om namah Shivaya

~ The Shamanic Fire Path ~

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Harmonising of male and female aspects in ourselves

Harmonising of male and female aspects in ourselves with Deborah’s Starlight Essences:

Workshop Harmonising of male and femal aspects

Harmonising of male and female aspects in ourselves leads to a more balanced perception and relation with our outer world – thus with our partner and relationships in general.

Connecting with others and our environment gains in depth and in quality – because destructive conflicts often arise due to unbalanced male and female aspects in us.

It’s important to ACCEPT, to LOVE and to LIVE both our male and female aspects.

Using two Starlight Essences from Sirius, which represent the pure male and female energies, we will recognise which aspects we can integrate and which aspects need to be transformed to harmonise them.

Then we bring back the necessary light fragments to do this and to support the balance between these male and female energies.

Working with this harmonising Starlight from Sirius can have a big impact on our relationships and our day to day life.

Workshop leader & Starlight Essences practitioner:
Nirr Hochadel

Please see my Facebook page for dates

The one hour introductory talk includes a Starlight Essences Chakra taster session. If you decide to participate in the full workshop you’ll get a £5 reduction on the cost.

Please see my Facebook page for dates
Workshop duration: 2,5 – 3.0 hours
Price: £27

The workshop will start with an introduction to the Starlight Essences and will then continue with a short meditation diving into the Starlight realms. After that I will treat your with Starlight Essences to prepare your subtle energy bodies for the light of Sirius – regarding the balance of male and female energies. At the end of the workshop and after the preparation work is done – the light fragments, which want to come back to you to live your potential more and more, can stream in.

All work will be done in a sitting or standing position and no physical pressure is applied to the body at any point.

To participate in the workshop no previous knowledge is required – so the workshop is suitable for beginners and also therapists who might then want to learn more about including the Starlight Essences in their current methods.

Feel free to contact me for more information about the workshop and to book in.

For workshop/seminar dates and other events I’ll keep you updated on Nirr consulting & Healing on Facebook.

I am looking forward to seeing you


Reconnect with your roots



Who do you think you are ?


Did you train in a certain profession so you are a skilled worker in XY?

Maybe you have children so you are a father or a mother?

You were born in a country so do you belong to that nationality?

You speak a certain language, maybe more than one?

Does that all define who you really are?

Who actually are you?

Come and experience who you really are in a guided Shamanic Drum Journey.
Start seeing your soul’s journey and gain confidence in your being. Ease the longing to keep searching for who you are in the outer world and live your potential with reconnecting to your roots .


Shamanic Practitioner : Nirr

Location : Highcliffe, Dorset, BH23

Dates : Once a month. Ask for specific dates here

Timeframe: 1,5 hours

You can book the Drum Journey as a group or as a one to one.

Group seminars : £35
One to one sessions: see here

Hands on Healing

Healing by laying your hands on…

Healing hands 2
Hands on healing has been used since ancient times and the healing power flowing through your hands could always be used for yourself and for others. In this article I would like to focus more about using your healing powers by laying your hands on parts of your own body and your chakras.

If you experience disturbances in your body lay your hands on the relevant part of the body and when you let the energy flow you immediately feel the effect your healing energy has on your wellbeing, flowing into the affected area and leaving a positive sensation.
Loving yourself plays a big part in this exercise and therefore you might start the hands on healing with the words ‘I love myself’ to create a good feeling atmosphere and to activate the greatest healing power in the universe, Love.


You might also want to use the healing forces of your hands on your chakras. There are many body related chakras but the seven main chakras are from bottom to top: the root chakra, the navel chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the brow chakra and the lotus chakra.

Every day you could choose to work with a different chakra to lay your hands on: Seven days a week – Seven chakras. With, the lotus chakra which is opening up to heaven just above your head it works slightly differently.

Here you don’t put your hands on your head, you place your hands either side on top of your head around the opening which is like a fountain just above your head and here you support the connection between the heavenly energies and yourself.

To enhance this hands on healing on your chakras you could drop some of Deborah’s Chakra Starlight Essences on your hands and do the exercise again to let the Starlight enhance the effect of the benefit for your chakras. It is not recommended to work without supervision on more than one Chakra a day. For more information about Deborah’s Starlight Essences check out

This exercise can also be supported perfectly with a heart chakra meditation. You sit quietly in a preferred space of your choice and focus on your breath first and then start using a Mantra of your choice and focus on the heart chakra area just above your breastbone. You could for example use ‘I am Love’. Breathing in with ‘I am’ and breathing out on ‘Love’ and in the same time focusing on your heart chakra area. This makes you familiar with your own love and connects the remaining six main chakras with each other to create a positive flow of life energy.

For more information about starting meditation click start meditation.

For more information about the heart chakra & healing click here.

To practise with a guided heart chakra meditation click video.

To read more about chakras click here.