HEALING – and the significance of the heart chakra


Now, in times of the Aquarius Age (we could also say, in times of the Heart Chakra age), Healing of and with the heart chakra and connecting through the heart chakra is gaining more and more in significance. Why?

Energies pouring in from heaven and also rising from the Earth’s core and want to unite. Therefore, the Heart Chakra has a very significant meaning/purpose where these energies want to join and expand. During this time when we have recently left the Age of the Solar Plexus Chakra and just started the Age of the Heart Chakra – working with the heart chakra, focusing on the heart chakra’s centre, heart chakra meditation and heart chakra therapy, is holistic healing at its best.

The heart chakra nowadays functions more and more like a big generator, nourishing all the other chakras, the energetic fields around us (aura) and our body functions and organs, which are all connected with each other. Conscious focusing on our heart chakra’s centre, our centre of unconditional love, very close to our breast bone should be a daily practise for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Conscious breathing into your heart chakra, making yourself familiar with the heart chakra’s core and the expandable strength there, is an amazing exercise, balancing, recovering and rejuvenating our complete energy system. This can be done with guided instructions – which might be of help when new to starting this exercise (please feel free to contact me if you should require this).

Being aware of the importance of the heart chakra’s centre and expanding the vibration there, helps to balance all the other chakras and therefore our complete energy system. Sending those vibrations to the other areas of our body, even further into our energy field around us and also sending this pure vibration to friends, family and other areas of the world will contribute to more freedom and peace on earth.

If you have any questions or wish for more information about the the heart chakra training, please contact me.

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