The Heart Center – key to empowerment

Everyone is asked to strengthen their love, their ‘heart muscle’ and to focus on the heart center, close to the breastbone in the middle of the chest.

Nirr’s shamanic fire message April 2018:

DE below After a month of many highs and lows, cold, storm, snow and ice, it is now time for your love to take up the extended space in your heart chakra and be ready to heal old wounds. Therefore, devote yourself to this loving vibration and flood all the old wounds, everything that is…

Loving yourself and let self doubt go

~ ~ Close your eyes, focus on your breathing and follow your breath as it comes and goes Let your breath guide you into your heart chakra, feel the love in your heart chakra just above your breastbone, BREATH IN LOVE. Expand your love from the heart chakra, flood your whole body with the…


WHAT IS A CHAKRA ? Chakras and their functions were first mentioned in the Vedas, ancient Hindu texts of knowledge. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel and it refers to the energy centres in our body. These energy wheels regulate the flow of energy through our energy system. These centres open and close depending…

Hands on Healing

Healing by laying your hands on… … Hands on healing has been used since ancient times and the healing power flowing through your hands could always be used for yourself and for others. In this article I would like to focus more about using your healing powers by laying your hands on parts of your…

HEALING – and the significance of the heart chakra

Now, in times of the Aquarius Age (we could also say, in times of the Heart Chakra age), Healing of and with the heart chakra and connecting through the heart chakra is gaining more and more in significance. Why? Energies pouring in from heaven and also rising from the Earth’s core and want to unite….

Fredag 27. Sept – Stjernelys Workshop på Gaia

27. September 18.30 – 21.00 Stjernelys Essenser Workshop på Gaia Senteret for alternativ behandling i Trondheim (Fjordgata 62/64). Starlight Essences/ Stjernelys essenser er en ny metode (siden 2002) baserend på stjernelys og har 3 nivå som gir tilsammen 124 forskjellige essenser. På denne kvelden skal jeg presentere nivå 1 som omfatter de første 31 essenser….