Loving yourself and let self doubt go




Close your eyes, focus on your breathing and follow your breath as it comes and goes
Let your breath guide you into your heart chakra, feel the love in your heart chakra just above your breastbone, BREATH IN LOVE.
Expand your love from the heart chakra, flood your whole body with the light of your love and expand it further into your aura around your physical body.

Now filled with love feel comfortable in yourself, in your love and connect with any disturbances in your body or in your aura, connect with possible sensations of self-doubt. If you can detect self doubt or ‘‘I’m not good enough’’, say hello and face it. Send then love to it, flood it with love – if you can – and take your time. That can take a while. Flood it with love as long as it get’s easier to face it, get’s lighter, it might even dissolve….

At some point you might be able to invite this feeling of self-doubt into your heart, let it be love with the rest of your being. Merge it into your love and accept it and love it further. If you can’t do that just keep flooding it with love and end the exercise when feeling relief from this.

At some point this self-doubt, this sensation might not be any different from your love anymore. Be then one with your love and enjoy.

Then focus on the center of your heart chakra again, take 3 deep breaths and come back to the surface of your consciousness. Move your hands feel the surface under your body where you laying or sitting on and open your eyes.

This exercises might be worth repeating.

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