Meridian Balance Massage

The MERIDIAN BALANCE MASSAGE is a whole-body massage, which gently stimulates the energy flow within the body. The practitioner strokes along the MERIDIANS of the body in a specific way, relaxing and as well stimulating them and that leads to deep relaxation and to a generation of body, mind and soul.
Unlike with other Massage Therapies, there is no pressure involved at all, so you can relax and enjoy the soothing and refreshing effect on your body with no worry of any pain.
This well being body massage harmonises the whole organism and supports the self healing forces.

It is particularly suitable for those who have sensitive skin/muscle conditions and cannot cope with normal massage.

Nirr is using a soothing neutral oil which can be scented with and essential oil if wanted or mixed with one of the STARLIGHT ESSENCES to strengthen the effect.

Length of treatment 25-30 minutes.

To book a massage or for more information contact Nirr.



Bladder problems, headache, eye diseases, neck and back problems, pain along the back of the leg.
Heart Constrictor
Poor circulation, angina, palpitations, diseases of the sexual glands and organs, irritability, pain along the course of the meridian.
Ren Mai
Diseases of the urogenital system, hernia, cough, breathing difficulties, breast problems.
Gall bladder
Gall bladder problems, ear diseases, migraine, hip problems, dizziness, pain along the meridian.
Triple Heater
Diseases of the thyroid and adrenal glands, ear problems, sore throat, abdominal distension, oedema, swelling of cheek, pain along the meridian.
Du Mai
Spinal Problems, mental disorders, fever, nose problems, headaches.
Heart problems, dryness of throat, jaundice, pain along the course of the meridian.
Kidney problems, lung problems, dry tongue, lumbago, oedema, constipation, diarrhoea, pain and weakness along the course of the meridan.
Large intestine
Abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea, sore throat, toothache in the lower gum, nasal discharge, and bleeding, pain along the course of the meridian.
Liver problems, lumbago, vomiting, hernia, urination problems, pain in the lower abdomen and along the course of the meridian.
Respiratory diseases, sore throat, cough common cold, pain in the shoulder and along the merdian.
Small intestine
Pain in the lower abdomen, sore throat, swelling or paralysis of the face, deafness, pain along the meridian.
Problems of the spleen and pancreas, abdominal distention, jaundice, general weakness and sluggishness, tongue problems, vomiting, pain and swellings along the course of the meridian.
Stomach problems, abdominal pain, distention, edema, vomiting, sore throat, facial paralysis, upper gum toothache, nose bleeding, pain along the meridian.

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