Nirr’s shamanic fire message June 2018:

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The new energies in the second half of May have awakened streams in the earth that, when uniting with the heavenly energies, open the hearts wide in the first weeks of June. This is the perfect time for all interpersonal themes, everything regards to relation-, and partnership. The hearts are wide, love is flowing, and so new projects are blessed by the abundance and guidance of the heart.
After June starts so warmly, this energy can also be used to nourish one’s own leadership quality with love, and thus to get a better feeling of what ‘guidance in love’ means. Likewise, the loving acceptance of leadership is easier to experience and during that time it may definitely be worthwhile to consciously dive deeper into that topic LOVE and GUIDANCE in order to take up the ESSENCE from it and to then go strengthened into the last weeks of June. This may seem a little different for everyone, but the dominant heart quality should be felt by all.
This should now make you more aware of which of your qualities can be lived in love and what strengths you have. With this newly acquired awareness, visions will come of the tasks which can be realised. Immersing yourself deeply in this experience, which can be brought to You through thoughts, impulses, intuition or encounters in the outside world, a new deep connection can be established, with everything that is your Higher Self and with God.
If you don’t resist and allow it, it can create a very strong, liberating feeling, so that long-cherished and well-groomed anxieties can be easily thrown overboard. A very blessed time that makes a loving, harmonious living together possible and more easy.
Exercise for the last 3 weeks of June:
Put your strong hand on the back and let the new energy streams in the earth rise up in you. Nourish your heart chakra (chest region) with it and make it wide, like a big bowl that fills up. Then visualise the blue in your forehead and see which pictures / thoughts show through it. Bring your hand down now and focus on your happy story with the pictures and thoughts brought to you by the blue light and carried by the love of your heart.

Om namah Shivaya

~ The Shamanic Fire Path ~

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Monatliche schamanische Feuerbotschaft:

Die neuen Energien in der 2. Hälfte des Mai haben Ströme in der Erde geweckt die, wenn Sie sich zusammen mit den Himmelsenergien vereinen, in den ersten Juniwochen die Herzen weit öffnet. Die Zeit in den ersten Juniwochen ist also perfekt für alle zwischenmenschlichen Themen, alles was mit Beziehung und Partnerschaft zu tun hat. Die Herzen sind weit, die Liebe strömt und somit sind neue Projekte und Vorhaben gesegnet von der Fülle und der Führung des Herzens.

Nachdem der Juni so herzlich startet, darf diese Energie auch benutzt werden um die eigene Führungsqualität mit Liebe zu nähren und damit ein besseres Gefühl zu bekommen, was ‘Führung in Liebe’ bedeutet. Ebenso wird das liebevolle Annehmen von Führung leichter erfahrbar und es mag sich definitiv lohnen hier nochmal ganz bewusst hinzufühlen um in dieser Zeit die Essenz zum Thema Liebe und Führung aufzunehmen um dann gestärkt in die letzen Juniwochen zu gehen. Das mag für jeden ein wenig anders aussehen, jedoch sollte für jeden die dominierende Herzqualität spürbar sein. 

Mehr bewusst welche Qualitäten in Liebe gelebt werden können, welche Stärken da sind, darf sich jetzt die Vision und die Aufgabe zeigen, die mit dieser neuen erworbenen Bewusstheit umgesetzt werden kann. Richtig tief eingetaucht in diese Erfahrung, die über Gedanken, Impulse, Intuition oder Begegnungen im Aussen an uns herangetragen wird und sich im Inneren Form annimmt, kann sich eine neue tiefe Verbundenheit, mit allem was ist, herstellen.

Wenn man sich darauf einlässt, kann dies ein sehr starkes, befreiendes Gefühl entwickeln, dass lang gehegte und gepflegte Ängste so einfach mal über Bord wirft. Eine sehr segensreiche Zeit, die ein liebevolles, harmonisches Zusammenleben in Liebe möglich und einfacher werden lässt.

Übung für die letzten 3 Juniwochen:
Lege deine Starke Hand in den Nacken und lass die neuen Energieströme in der Erde in Dir hochsteigen. Nähre damit dein Herz Chakra (Brustregion), mache es weit , wie eine große Schale die sich auffüllt. Visualisiere dann das blau in deinem Stirn Chakra und sehe welche Bilder/Gedanken sich dadurch zeigen. Lass deine Hand fallen und stricke Deine freudige Geschichte aus den Bildern und Gedanken, getragen von der Liebe Deines Herzens.  

Om namah Shivaya

~ The Shamanic Fire Path ~

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Spiritual Centring – Connect with your Soul’s potential

Combining different healing techniques this workshop gives very practical exercises to balance and center yourself and through that connect with your soul’s potential.

Belara and Nirr will combine trusted methods as Body Feng Shui, Atlantis Crystal Healing, Starlight Essences Therapy and Lotus Healing to improve the energy flow through your light channel along the spine. Your light channel where the heavenly and earthly energies come together will be balanced, cleared and aligned so that you can clearly receive the necessary groundbreaking information to live your soul’s potential where you are most abundant in.

The first part of the workshop is completely focused on you and you will be pampered with different treatments: Heaven and Earth meditation, Starlight Essences Chakra treatment, Feng Shui along the spine to release of old burdens and to balance male and female energies.
All done in a comfortable environment.
In the second part of the workshop Belara will teach you Lotus Mudras which can be practised at home and Nirr will teach you a crystal healing technique, which can also be practised at home as you can take the crystal, which is included in the seminar price, home with you.

All work will be done in a laying, sitting or standing position and no physical pressure is applied to the body at any point. There will be a short break where drinks and snacks will be provided.

Welcome to a vibrant workshop with a lot to experience.

Workshop leaders:
Belara Logan-Hochadel
(ACC Consultant and Lotus Healer)
Nirr Hochadel
(Starlight Essences Practitioner, ACC Consultant and Atlantis Crystal Healer)

Date: Sunday 19th of November 2017 in Highcliffe, Dorset
Time: 1.00pm-5.00pm
Price: £45
Speical rates can be arranged for group bookings !
Feel free to ask.

To participate in the workshop no previous knowledge is required – so the workshop is suitable for beginners and also therapists.

Starlight Essences Chakra Training

The Starlight Essences system was developed in 2002 and is connected with the Starlight portal at Stonehenge. It is now a worldwide essences system. There are three levels of essences and they involve the energies of many different star and planetary systems.

This training will start with an introduction to the Starlight Essences, how you can apply them and how they work on your energy bodies and the Chakras, followed by a meditation connecting Heaven and Earth.

After that you you’ll choose the Chakra Starlight Essence you resonate most with, so that I can give you a short consultation and a chakra treatment with your chosen Essence.

We’ll end the workshop with a final Essences treatemtent from one of the foundation essences so that you have a complete ecperience regarding Starlight Essences, Chakras, how you can treat youself and others and how you can include them in your own methods.

All work will be done in a sitting or standing position and no physical pressure is applied to the body at any point.

Workshop leader & Starlight Essences practitioner:
Nirr Hochadel

Date: Saturday 4th March 2017
Time: 3.00pm-5.30pm
Price: £27

To participate in the workshop no previous knowledge is required – so the workshop is suitable for beginners and also therapists who might then want to learn more about including the Starlight Essences in their current methods. Feel free to contact me for more information about the workshop and to book in.

Also check out the Venus Starlight Connection Workshop on the 5th or 18th of March:

See also my Fire-Shamanic Drum Journey event here:

Further dates are planned. I’ll keep you updated on

I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

Harmonising of male and female aspects in ourselves

Harmonising of male and female aspects in ourselves with Deborah’s Starlight Essences:

Workshop Harmonising of male and femal aspects

Harmonising of male and female aspects in ourselves leads to a more balanced perception and relation with our outer world – thus with our partner and relationships in general.

Connecting with others and our environment gains in depth and in quality – because destructive conflicts often arise due to unbalanced male and female aspects in us.

It’s important to ACCEPT, to LOVE and to LIVE both our male and female aspects.

Using two Starlight Essences from Sirius, which represent the pure male and female energies, we will recognise which aspects we can integrate and which aspects need to be transformed to harmonise them.

Then we bring back the necessary light fragments to do this and to support the balance between these male and female energies.

Working with this harmonising Starlight from Sirius can have a big impact on our relationships and our day to day life.

Workshop leader & Starlight Essences practitioner:
Nirr Hochadel

Please see my Facebook page for dates

The one hour introductory talk includes a Starlight Essences Chakra taster session. If you decide to participate in the full workshop you’ll get a £5 reduction on the cost.

Please see my Facebook page for dates
Workshop duration: 2,5 – 3.0 hours
Price: £27

The workshop will start with an introduction to the Starlight Essences and will then continue with a short meditation diving into the Starlight realms. After that I will treat your with Starlight Essences to prepare your subtle energy bodies for the light of Sirius – regarding the balance of male and female energies. At the end of the workshop and after the preparation work is done – the light fragments, which want to come back to you to live your potential more and more, can stream in.

All work will be done in a sitting or standing position and no physical pressure is applied to the body at any point.

To participate in the workshop no previous knowledge is required – so the workshop is suitable for beginners and also therapists who might then want to learn more about including the Starlight Essences in their current methods.

Feel free to contact me for more information about the workshop and to book in.

For workshop/seminar dates and other events I’ll keep you updated on Nirr consulting & Healing on Facebook.

I am looking forward to seeing you


Starlight Essenser Workshop VENUS – Fredag 2.Mai

Starlight Essences Logo cropped~
I den store hagen på VENUS med sitt tempelanlegg blir stjernelysviten om regimet av hjerte-chakraet voktet. Alt hva jorden og menneskeheten trenger for å gjøre hjerte-chakraet fullkomment kan du erfare gjennom VENUS.

Fra der strømmer betingelsesløs kjærlighet uavlatelig til jorda.

Stjernelys Essensene fra VENUS fremmer bevisstgjøring, helbredelse og transformasjon.

Hjertelig velkommen til en kveld med det velgjørende stjernelyset fra VENUS!!!

Arrangør: Nirr Consulting
Kursholder: Nirr Hochadel
Dato: Fredag 2. Mai
Tid: 18.30 – 20.30
Pris kr. 250,-

Energi og Terapi senteret (tidligere Gaia) i Trondheim, Fjordgata 62/64

Påmelding kan også skjer per email eller Sms.
Mobil: 967 06 014.

Det er en fordel å ha meditert før men det er ingen krav. Kurset egner seg både for nybegynnere og terapeuter.

Ønsker du mer informasjon ta gjerne kontakt med meg.

Nirr’s Diploma

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Starlight Connection Workshop VENUS

In the beautiful garden of Venus with its holy temple buildings, is the Starlight knowledge and the mastery of the heart chakra guarded. Everything which the earth and mankind needs to make the heart chakra complete is possible to experience through Venus. From there Unconditional Love is streaming continously to earth.

The Starlight Essences from Venus support greater awareness, healing and transformation.

I look forward to welcome you to an evening with the beautiful light of Venus.

Organizer/Host: Nirr Consulting
Teacher: Nirr Hochadel
Date: Friday 2. Mai
Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Price: kr. 250,-

Place: Gaia Trondheim, Fjordgata 62/64
Booking can also be made via email or sms:
Mobil: 967 06 014.

Participation in this workshop does not require any previous knowledge. So the workshop is suitable for beginners and also therapists who are looking for a new and truly amazing addition to their current methods.

For more information about the course or the method please contact Nirr.

Nirr’s Diploma

Stjernelys Essens – oktober 2013

Light of Xerius
Månedsessens oktober 2013

Light of Xerius forbindes omgående med lyset fra Xerius. Essensen bevirker en styrkelse og en gjenopprettelse på alle nivåer og minner oss om våre egne oppgaver. Essensen bringer en i kontakt med nye former for å være en lys-kjemper. Og denne tilstedeværelsen av lys er så sterk at alt som kommer i berøring med den, transformerer seg omgående. Essensen støtter den betingelsesløse fokusen på lyset og hjelper til med å skaper nye former. Essensen innrømmer tilgang til alle hellige plasser som nå blir skapt i parallelle verdener.

Essensen kan brukes daglig med en spesiell anvendelse/øvelse.
For mer informasjon om anvendelsen tar kontakt med Nirr.

10_picture Starlight Essences Oktober 2013

Fredag 27. Sept – Stjernelys Workshop på Gaia

27. September 18.30 – 21.00
Stjernelys Essenser Workshop
på Gaia Senteret for alternativ behandling i Trondheim (Fjordgata 62/64).

Starlight Essences/ Stjernelys essenser er en ny metode (siden 2002) baserend på stjernelys og har 3 nivå som gir tilsammen 124 forskjellige essenser. På denne kvelden skal jeg presentere nivå 1 som omfatter de første 31 essenser.


Før vi fordyper oss mer i stjernelysets verden vil jeg først forklare hvordan essensene påvirker energisentere (chakraene) og energikroppene (Auraen) våre og hvordan Stjernelys Essenser dermed kan virke positivt på vår kropp og dens velvære.

Deretter fortsetter vi med en guidet jordings-meditasjon, en innførende chakra-behandling og en demonstrasjon av månedsessensen.

Denne terapimetoden er enestående og essensene harmoniserer bra med andre terapeutiske behandlings- og velværemetoder og kan komplettere disse metoder.

Jeg skal også informere deg om den fordypende Starlight Essences Connection Workshop på fredag 18. Oktober hvor vi jobber med det velgjørende stjernelyset fra Venusen.

Pris kr. 220,-

Det kreves ingen forkunnskaper til å delta.
Kurset eigner seg både for nybegynnere og terapeuter
som kan tenke seg å bruke Stjernelys essenser i tillegg til andre metoder.

Jeg ønsker deg hjertelig velkommen !!!

Ønsker du mer informasjon ta gjerne kontakt med meg.

Nirr’s Diploma