Shamanism is the oldest form of lightwork. Shamans have served the light since creation began. From strong, developed, complex civilisations to the most basic, they have always had their place in every society or culture.

But when they vanish from societies, it is a sign that the end of this society is coming.

Shamans mediate between worlds and hold the light. They connect the cosmos, nature and people, with the light to keep the forces of creation in balance. When the Shamans vanish, the balance topples. It was like that in Atlantis and it is the same today.

The Shamans in ancient Europe were known as Druids and Witches. They vanished and society is experiencing a similar situation again today as in the age of Atlantis, when the Shamans left, the authority fell to the high priests. They focussed only on the heavenly light. As they considered the earth too dirty, not sacred.

But without the connection to the soil, to the earth that people live on, life collapses and drifts away. Without the connection to earth, mankind is losing his food, both spiritual and in substance.

Shamans were always messengers of light. They cared for everything that was part of nature as well as the spiritual needs of mankind. At any time, every person knew where they could find the nearest Shaman. Today we have doctors and specialists but unfortunately nobody has the holistic view and knowledge in his heart. They separate and specialize in their own field of expertise.

Shamans have the knowledge and ability to always see the whole. This knowledge is older than the world itself and their whole being is one with this knowledge.

You find them in every era, in every culture, in every society. Sometimes more, sometimes less, sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden. They dressed themselves with fur in caves and grunted their messages. In New York City they live on the 72nd floor and ‘tweet’ their healing phrases over their smartphones.

Even if they are not always easy to recognize today, they are everywhere and keep the forces in balance. They adapt to the environment wherever they are, where they have to be, where they have to fulfil their mission.

Shamans always keep the creation fires burning in their hearts, in their minds and with their complete being.


Connected to ancient eternal knowledge, they always keep the connection stable. They are channels and mediators to creation itself.

The form of their rituals is formless and comes spontaneously, created out of the present moment. The rituals are customised to the people in their environment, to their needs and their acceptance. Sometimes pompous, sometimes unremarkable and hardly visible, but always adjusted to keep the balance.

Shamans appear in all forms of expressions and professions and they start to initiate and shift when it is needed. If there’s nothing to do in the outer, material world they are present in the spiritual worlds and provide people, who recognise Shaman abilities in themselves, with knowledge.

The return of the Shamans nowadays is a good sign. A sign of hope, a sign that society is ready to change.

Shamans fulfil the longing for unity as they bring back tools, knowledge and practical techniques.

Practical, handy and earthy, that’s the attributes by which you recognise a Shaman or the Shaman in yourself.

Shamans aren’t an elitist group. They are the embodiment of ancient knowledge of the original form of lightwork. Their souls were travelling from the beginning of time in the duty of creation, keeping the forces balanced. But the knowledge isn’t theirs even if it was personalised on those eons of their journeys when they were often travelling alone.

They seldom travel in groups and they don’t have hierarchies. They adapt to what is needed and what is required and that’s why they have knowledge in all areas of life.

When the Shaman awakes in yourself, then you’ll know the time of big changes has come.

Text written by Fire Shaman Ers Fischbach, January 2014

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