October 23

Monthly Reading October 23 / DE below Be blessed Hello loved ones, How did you spend your September? Were you able to follow the flow and therefore the transformative aspect of September? With a lot of dedication, we were able to gain a lot of insights in the last month. I hope you were able…

Divine Guidance

So do not hold back if you see the possibility to bring old pent-up energies into flow – even just talking about the work, the task may already show up:
The spiritual world wants to make you aware that you are especially mindful of what is coming at you and what is shown to you in the outside and to use the special energy constellation to transform.

Stay steadfast – stay strong

Because what feels good in the first moment, especially in August, can have consequences in the next moment, which in most cases can only be reversed with great energy expenditure

Emotional Reset

The upcoming July, which indicates that healing work can bring a lot of redemption, especially in the field of emotions and thus, a happier you can be created

Enjoy the connection with the SUN

This is also important for June and what is brought to the foreground by the spiritual world is – the connection to the sun. The connection to the solar energy via the solar plexus chakra.

Your Divine Core

However, these detox reactions are also necessary in the most common cases in order to take an important step in your development and to be able to recognise yourself as an important part of the earth’s new creation process.

Service to others

The special feature that characterises and carries March is the pure, unconditional love energy from the heart chakra, just as Jesus Christ taught us back then.

Energy boost

Monthly Reading January 23 / DE below Energy boost Hello loved ones, How was your Christmas and how are you transitioning into the new year? So exciting the start into the new… Looking at the energy stream here, the transition and the first few months bring a lot of development potential. Together with the spiritual…


Monthly Reading December 22 / DE below Co-Creation Hello loved ones, How are you? How was your November? Well, what can one say about that. Another year is almost over, Christmas is just around the corner and where has the time gone…  With regards to the energy stream this month, the orientation remains similar to…

Soul gathering

Monthly Reading October 22 / DE below Soul gathering Hello loved ones, How did you spend September? Have you been able to maintain your inner balance through rituals and visiting places that give you strength? Above all, it was important to use September in such a way that you didn’t burn out and that you…