NEW Starligh Essences Workshop på GAIA :-)

Balalncing of male and female energies


Conflicts often arise because of unbalanced male and female aspects in us.Its important to accept, to love and to live both our male and female aspects.

Using an assortment of Starlight Essences from Sirius, we can recognise which aspects we can integrate, transform and harmonise, then bring back the necessary light fragments to do so and support the balance between male and female energies.

This balancing and harmonising light has an impact on our relationships and daily activities.

Welcome to an evening with this beautiful light of Sirius.

Organizer/Host: Nirr Consulting
Teacher: Nirr Hochadel
Date: Fredag 18. Oktober
Time: 18.00 – 20.30
Price: kr. 250,-

Place: Gaia Trondheim, Fjordgata 62/64
Booking can also be made via email or sms:
Mobil: 967 06 014.

Participation in this workshop does not require any previous knowledge. So the workshop is suitable for beginners and also therapists who are looking for a new and truly amazing addition to their current methods.

For all who wants to know more about Starlight Essences before they attend a acutal seminar:
Free indroductory talk on friday 15 th noevmber
18.00 – 19.30, Gaia Trondheim, Fjordgata 62/64.

For more information about the course or the method please contact Nirr.

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