Agni’s lecture with Dr. John Young on 2014/11/24 in Taipei

Agni in Taipe

Love is the reason that we are here now, that we can experience our heaven on earth.

Through many incarnations we developed qualities by diving deeper into certain experiences of ourselves. Today we are invited to accept all our qualities of all our lives and to bring all our heavens to earth.

The heart is important in this time because we are at the beginning of the age of Aquarius which is dominated by the heart chakra, by love, by experiencing creation through love, by experiencing our fellow men through love.

In meditation classes all over the planet the heart chakra is mainly taught as a source of healing and of green light. But it is far more than that.

Many people fear death because they are afraid that they have not fulfilled their life task, the purpose they came for – which is very often the fact because people did not listen to their heart.

Children are being told by their parents to learn, to focus on the outer world, to forget where they came from, to focus on what their teachers tell them. At the end of life when death is near they realize that they forgot their heart, that they forgot what made them come to earth. These are sad moments of our lives when we experience that it is too late to fulfil all that we wanted to fulfil.

We are so lucky that we are here now, alive and conscious and just begin to fulfill our life purposes. As well as mankind just begins a new culture of respect and of loving each other – which is the connection to Christianity and to its symbol: the cross.

The original meaning of this cross is the crossing of time and truth.

In our hearts we have this cross as well, this crossing of time and truth. In this crossing of time and truth we experience unity, in this unity we are love without boundary, we can experience beyond the dimensions of time and space, we can experience our soul in our heaven in our life on earth.

If you follow any time line, it ends in our hearts, if you follow any truth, you will find it in your heart. Whenever you give yourself into love you will experience unity, when experiencing unity, you get to know so much more about yourself and life in one moment than you can learn through long studying. In unity everything is there, you are there, your love is there, your ancestors, everything is there in the same moment.

In the time of Atlantis we wanted to experience polarity through the fight of light against darkness. In this new age, the age of Aquarius we want to experience unity by loving each other, by respecting each other. It is not about victory any more, it is about peace, love and respect.

Agni’s lecture with Dr. John Young on 2014/11/24 in Taipei

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