Message from the Fire: July 2016

This month will be a very special one. The gates of heaven are wide open. The golden light streams out and the light of the sun’s rays strengthens the Divine Fire. Strong transformational energy flows through the sun into our heart and into our whole energy system.

Humanity is called upon to consciously take part in this raising of the vibration. Firstly the golden light and the Divine Fire becomes anchored into our energy system, then step by step our consciousness becomes accustomed to the increasing vibration.

With the knowledge that the transformational process is very strong, it is thus important that we allow ourselves time to rest and recover. Step by step our bodies will then be able to integrate this light, so that our consciousness and body vibrate in harmony again.

Meditate on the light of the sun and find your mantra which will help you to integrate these strong transformational energies. Take your time to find this mantra. It may be just a few words that make all the difference to the light being able to flow in more easily.

Turn to a spiritual consultant or a spiritual teacher if you encounter problems with these strong transformational energies. They can help you to find your way and to navigate more easily through these times.

Wishing you strength, determination and a clear road ahead.

Om namah shivaya

~ Nirr ~
The Shamanic Fire Path

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