Crystalline Golden Light treatment

In Addition to the Atlantis Crystal Healing apprenticeship a new 4 day training, “THE CRYSTALLINE INITIATION PATH” came to earth in Summer 2015. This training, taught by Deborah Reiter (Starlight Centre, Salisbury, England), is initiating the participants into the liquid crystalline levels of the Christ light. This new creational levels haven’t been on earth so far and will be accessible now through this Crystalline Initiation Path.

Participants are Atlantis Crystal Healers who want to integrate these new levels into their crystalline healing work to expand and increase the quality of their healing support for humankind and earth; light workers who want to be an Atlantis Crystal Healer and use this training to get the access to the 8. Chakra and are then qualified to do the Atlantis Crystal Healing training; or participants who feel drawn to the crystalline energies and can then, at the end of the training, integrate their own personalised technique in their energy work as a therapist, healer, feng shui consultant or coach.

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This article is especially dedicated to my personalised healing technique:
which manifested itself at the end of the Crystalline Initiation Path.

In this technique I will be working with a unique Citrin Point along the spine, on both feet, both hands and along the subtle energy bodies above the head towards the lotus chakra. The treatment then finishes working with the Citrin Point on the heart chakra.


The healing session will take place in a laying position with clothes on. The first part of the treatment is lying on the front whilst work is done along the spine. The second part of the treatment is done lying on the back whilst the remainder of this holistic crystalline energy treatment work is completed.




The work with the Citrin Point on the energy bodies helps to make you more receptive to the golden light energies pouring down to earth manifesting the Golden Age. It aligns you to this light and establish a peaceful flow through yourself and into the earth.

Divine Peace is the quality of this light and will be awakened when flowing through you into the earth. The more these seeds in ourselves and the earth are awakened, the more a peaceful and harmonious togetherness will be created.

Feel free to contact me and make an appointment to enjoy this treatment or for more information about it.

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