Nirr’s shamanic fire message March 2018 :

DE below

The storm and the cold here in Europe brings new fertility, so that new things can be given birth. First it was necessary to clear new space and to create stillness and rest via storm, cold and ice. Time to enter and create an inner space of peace and clarity. The ice that coated the land contains in its crystalline structure important information to open up new levels of consciousness.

After this clarification and reorientation process, March is a month to surrender to the new, to surrender to Your Higher Self and to serve Creator and Creation by preparing for the summer months through holding back and creating an inner dialogue.

The first half of March will still be very calm and in the second half there will be more clarity in which direction the coming months will go and thus it is possible to actively prepare.

Look forward to the upcoming time and don’t resist following the impulses of your inner voice, which will become louder and louder giving you guidance on your path.

Exercise for the next couple of months:
Use the ‘Om namah Shivaya’ chant (can be sung quietly, even silently) an let it roll through your chakras from top to toe (lotus-base Chakra) and connect then with the earth. Give her a hug, again and again, embrace her. Built a deep connection with her.

Om namah Shivaya

~ The Shamanic Fire Path ~

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Monatliche schamanische Feuerbotschaft:
Der Wind und die Kälte in Europa bringt neue Fruchtbarkeit. so dass Neues sich gebären kann. Es war nötig erst mal neuen Raum zu schaffen und aufzuräumen und über Kälte und Eis Stillstand und Ruhe zu erzeugen. Zeit um in sich zu gehen und einen Inneren Raum des Friedens und der Klarheit zu schaffen. Das Eis das sich über das Land zieht enthält in seiner kristallinen Struktur wichtige Informationen um neue Bewusstseinsebenen zu erschliessen.

Nach dieser Klärung und Neuausrichtung ist der März ein Monat sich dem Neuen hinzugeben, sich seinem Höheren Selber zu unterwerfen und dem Schöpfer und der Schöpfung zu dienen indem man sich durch Zurückhaltung und über den inneren Dialog auf die Sommermonate vorbereitet.

Die erst Hälfte des März wird noch sehr ruhig verlaufen wobei sich in der zweiten Hälfte schon mehr abzeichnet in welche Richtung die kommenden Monate gehen und dadurch schon aktiv vorbereitet werden kann.

Freue Dich auf die kommende Zeit und verschliesse Dich nicht Deiner inneren Stimme, denn diese wird jetzt immer lauter, gibt Dir Führung und zeigt Dir Deinen Weg.

Übung für die nächsten Monate:
Benutze das Mantra ‘Om namah shivaya’, dass du leise oder sogar lautlos rezitieren kannst und lass es durch Deine Chakren, vom Lotus bis zum Wurzelchakra, laufen. Am Wurzelchakra angekommen verbinde Dich mit der Erde unter Dir, gib Ihr eine Umarmung und stelle eine tiefe, leidenschaftliche Verbindung mit Ihr her.

Om namah Shivaya

~ The Shamanic Fire Path ~

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This article is especially dedicated to my personalised Atlantis Crystal Healing treatment:
tailored to my divine qualities and ready to share with the world:)

In this treatment, developed in the training ‘Crystalline Initiation Path’, I will be working with a special initiated and charged Citrin Point. Working on the energy bodies with this crystal helps to make you more receptive to the golden light energies pouring down from heaven and merging with the earthly energies manifesting the Golden Age. It aligns you to this light, which is a special quality of this age and establish a peaceful flow through yourself and into the earth.

Divine Peace is the quality of this light and will be awakened when flowing through you into the earth. The more these seeds in ourselves and therefore also in the earth will be awakened, the more a peaceful and harmonious togetherness will be created.

More details about the treatment:
In this treatment I will be working with a unique Citrin Point along the spine, on both feet, both hands and along the subtle energy bodies above the head towards the lotus chakra. The treatment then finishes working with the Citrin Point on the heart chakra. There might be some preparation work done before starting with the crystal treatment but that can be discussed before the treatment or in a consultation session.

The treatment will take place in a comfortable environment, in a laying position with clothes on and no physical pressure is applied to the body at any point. Treatment duration between 30-45 minutes.





Feel free to contact me and make an appointment to enjoy this treatment or for more information about it.

Atlantis Crystal Healer Update 2017

Yesterday’s Atlantis Crystal Healing Update 2017 full of new healing and transformational methods of the golden Age.

See the amazing crystal mandala pic below; this technique brings support from the Starlight heavens into rooms and places and therefore also for participants taking part in celebrating this ritual. It initiates a new creational energy flow and gives you clear impulses which projects want to come to one end and which new ones want to be started. It aligns you to a clear stream of joyful and creational energy.

Please feel free to contact and to ask for more information and the next workshop.

ACH Update_01

The Crystalline Initiation Path at the Starlight Centre

CIP_6 (1)

Awarded with a Certificate to has successfully completed the Crystalline Initiation Path. So happy to have received the new crystalline levels and to be able to integrate that into my Atlantis Crystal Healing work to support humankind and earth.

For more information about Atlantis Crystal Healing see here.

For more information about frequently asked question click here.

Happy Valentine’s day

Rose Quartz Heart

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Soft, gentle and filled with Love, this is a beautiful Rose Quartz crystal heart necklace, wrapped with sterling silver wire and infused and energized with Deborah’s Starlight Essence ‘Eternal Love’. Not only does this beautiful crystal look lovely but wearing it lets you carry and work with the energy wherever you go.

The beautiful Starlight Essence ‘Eternal Love‘ contains the highest, purest divine love frequency in the universe, the original source from which everything comes and returns, completely untouched by time and space. This is the essence of the new age, helping you to reach mastery in your heart chakra and to bathe the Earth in this eternal love. It elevates your whole being and fills it with this wondrous Love.

More information and a complete description of all Deborah’s beautiful Starlight Essences can be found at Deborah’s Starlight Essences

The crystal heart is 4cm x 4cm the sterling silver wrapped bail adds a tiny bit extra on the length. It is completed with an 18inch/45cm Sterling silver chain and comes complete in the lovely pendant box shown. Information about the Essence this crystal is infused with, will also be in the box.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact via the contact details on the etsy shop or on this wordpress site . A different chain/necklace may be possible, please message if you would like to check anything.