The gateway to heaven

Monthly ReadingMay 24 / DE weiter unten The gateway to heaven Hello loved ones, How did you spend April? Were you able to maintain your inner peace and balance and enjoy April by taking care of your power place? Feel free to write a few lines. The energies in May will have a very positive…

Power Place

Monthly ReadingApril 24 / DE weiter unten Power Place  Hello loved ones, How was your March and how did you get on with the introspection recommended in the last reading? Feel free to write a few lines. But let’s not waste time and get straight to April which, as expected, has a lot to offer….

The gift giving March

Monthly ReadingMarch 24 / DE further below The gift giving march  Hello loved ones, The first 2 months of the new year are now over and you can probably already see a trend in the 2024 energy? Feel free to write a few words in the comments below about how you’ve been over the last…

Be carried and supported

Monthly Reading February 24 / DE below Be carried and supported Hello loved ones, How did you spend the first month of the new year and how was the time around January 21st for you, the key date for a further serious rise in consciousness in the new, golden or Aquarian age? When I listen…

Dimensional shift

Monthly Reading January 24 / DE below Dimensional shift  Hello loved ones, The Christmas holidays are over and the new year is just around the corner. How did you spend December and how did you feel about it?  January will be nothing short of spectacular and with the energy that has built up in December…

Stay steadfast – stay strong

Because what feels good in the first moment, especially in August, can have consequences in the next moment, which in most cases can only be reversed with great energy expenditure

Enjoy the connection with the SUN

This is also important for June and what is brought to the foreground by the spiritual world is – the connection to the sun. The connection to the solar energy via the solar plexus chakra.

Your Divine Core

However, these detox reactions are also necessary in the most common cases in order to take an important step in your development and to be able to recognise yourself as an important part of the earth’s new creation process.

Energy boost

Monthly Reading January 23 / DE below Energy boost Hello loved ones, How was your Christmas and how are you transitioning into the new year? So exciting the start into the new… Looking at the energy stream here, the transition and the first few months bring a lot of development potential. Together with the spiritual…


Monthly Reading December 22 / DE below Co-Creation Hello loved ones, How are you? How was your November? Well, what can one say about that. Another year is almost over, Christmas is just around the corner and where has the time gone…  With regards to the energy stream this month, the orientation remains similar to…