Reconnect with your roots



Who do you think you are ?


Did you train in a certain profession so you are a skilled worker in XY?

Maybe you have children so you are a father or a mother?

You were born in a country so do you belong to that nationality?

You speak a certain language, maybe more than one?

Does that all define who you really are?

Who actually are you?

Come and experience who you really are in a guided Shamanic Drum Journey.
Start seeing your soul’s journey and gain confidence in your being. Ease the longing to keep searching for who you are in the outer world and live your potential with reconnecting to your roots .


Shamanic Practitioner : Nirr

Location : Highcliffe, Dorset, BH23

Dates : Once a month. Ask for specific dates here

Timeframe: 1,5 hours

You can book the Drum Journey as a group or as a one to one.

Group seminars : £35
One to one sessions: see here

New WORKSHOP Friday 13. Dec

love flames cut




Friday 13. December

    6.00 – 8.00 pm


      in Trondheim


    Fjordgata 62/64

Nowadays in an age of increasing spiritual awareness,
the Shamanic traditions are returning more and more into the public eye.
Shamanism is a deep and powerful expression of spirituality,
which can initiate healing and knowledge on all levels.

FIRE SHAMANISM uses the spiritual force of the fire
to penetrate old, useless structures,
helping to cleanse and reorient them,
giving you a space to flourish and grow.

It also helps in preparing you
for the upcoming year 2014 and its challenges.

Come and experience the spiritual force of your INNER FIRE.

I look forward to welcoming you!

Organizer/Host:: Nirr Consulting
Teacher: Nirr Hochadel
Price: kr. 150,-

Booking can also be made via email or sms:
Mobil: 967 06 014.

New WORKSHOP fredag 13. des 18.00 – 20.00

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Fredag 13. Desember

    kl. 18.00 – 20.00


      i Trondheim


    Fjordgata 62/64

Nå til dags, i en tidsalder av økende åndelig bevissthet, har
interessen for sjamanistiske tradisjoner kommet tilbake til samfunnet.

Sjamanisme er et dypt og kraftig uttrykk av dine spirituelle røtter og
kan føre til helbredelse og viten på flere eller alle nivåer av ditt vesen.

ILDSJAMANISMEN bruker den spirituelle kraften fra ilden for å
transformere gamle, unyttige strukturer og til å skape plass for
inspirasjon, kreativitet og for den nye bevisstheten her på jorda.

Hjertelig velkommen til en reise til Ilden !

Pris kr. 150,-
Kursholder: Nirr Hochadel

Påmelding kan også skjer per email eller sms:
Mobil: 967 06 014

Det kreves ingen forkunnskaper til å delta.
Kurset egner seg både for nybegynnere og terapeuter.

Ønsker du mer informasjon ta gjerne kontakt med meg.