The gateway to heaven

Monthly ReadingMay 24 / DE weiter unten The gateway to heaven Hello loved ones, How did you spend April? Were you able to maintain your inner peace and balance and enjoy April by taking care of your power place? Feel free to write a few lines. The energies in May will have a very positive…

Power Place

Monthly ReadingApril 24 / DE weiter unten Power Place  Hello loved ones, How was your March and how did you get on with the introspection recommended in the last reading? Feel free to write a few lines. But let’s not waste time and get straight to April which, as expected, has a lot to offer….

Be carried and supported

Monthly Reading February 24 / DE below Be carried and supported Hello loved ones, How did you spend the first month of the new year and how was the time around January 21st for you, the key date for a further serious rise in consciousness in the new, golden or Aquarian age? When I listen…

Dimensional shift

Monthly Reading January 24 / DE below Dimensional shift  Hello loved ones, The Christmas holidays are over and the new year is just around the corner. How did you spend December and how did you feel about it?  January will be nothing short of spectacular and with the energy that has built up in December…

Be courageous, be light

Monthly Reading December 23 / DE below Be courageous, be light Hello loved ones, and yet another month is over and we’re getting closer and closer to Christmas.Please feel free to write a few lines in the comment field, about how you spent and what you experienced in November? After learning about a good conflict…

Expand your heart space

Monthly Reading November 23 / DE below Expand your heart space Hello loved ones, how was your October? Feel free to write a few comment lines below if you like. I found October once again very challenging, but also very fruitful. The advice of the spiritual world to surrender and not to get too caught…

Be blessed

Monthly Reading October 23 / DE below Be blessed Hello loved ones, How did you spend your September? Were you able to follow the flow and therefore the transformative aspect of September? With a lot of dedication, we were able to gain a lot of insights in the last month. I hope you were able…

Divine Guidance

So do not hold back if you see the possibility to bring old pent-up energies into flow – even just talking about the work, the task may already show up:
The spiritual world wants to make you aware that you are especially mindful of what is coming at you and what is shown to you in the outside and to use the special energy constellation to transform.

Stay steadfast – stay strong

Because what feels good in the first moment, especially in August, can have consequences in the next moment, which in most cases can only be reversed with great energy expenditure

Emotional Reset

The upcoming July, which indicates that healing work can bring a lot of redemption, especially in the field of emotions and thus, a happier you can be created